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About the author

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"It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing.  It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive..."    Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Setting up In Truth ~ One Spirit is my way of meeting my heart's longing. After working for 10 years as Samaritans Director of Services, I was ordained in 2004 and this site is part of making my dream a reality. 
We all minister to each other in our daily lives, but stepping forward explicity to serve is for me another great adventure on the lifelong journey of unfolding wisdom.  
Being an Interfaith minister allows me to honour and journey through the diverse aspects of spirituality, and value each contribution for the light it sheds on the awareness of the whole.
Spirituality, for me, is a calling to go beyond any sense of separation, to experience the wisdom found within each of us and meet our wholeness or unity. As the mystics of all generations have told us, this is the Truth found at the heart of all the major faiths. 
"There is no path greater than love.
   There is no law higher than love.
And there is no goal beyond love.
    God and love are identical."
Meher Baba
My experience and qualifications 
I started work for the Bank of England in Exchange Control before moving to social services as a day centre manager. From there I moved into the charity sector. I have 20 years charity experience at senior manager level and most recently as Samaritans Service Director.
I have been a Trustee of six charity boards and have sat on various government steering committees (for example NHS Direct, the Suicide Prevention Strategy, Mental Health Promotion). I currently have a private practice/ministry, am a member of Faculty for the Interfaith Foundation,  and run a post grad course (Deepening our Truth) for Interfaith Ministers.
BA (Hons) Psychology
BA Philosophy/Literature
Interfaith Minister
Spiritual Counsellor
NLP Master Practitioner
Time Line Therapist


Affirmations and principles
  • I affirm the essential Interfaith concept of unity
  • I believe the concepts God, Life, Love are interchangeable; the beloved is all around us, as well as a beneficient divine presence in every human heart and a principle to live by.
  • I affirm that meditation, prayer and spiritual practice are invaluable tools with which to attune to the divinity at the core of our nature.
  • I believe there are as many paths to the awareness of our unity as there are people on the planet and that all paths with a sincere intention and clear ethics are vaild.
  • I believe diversity is a source of enrichment not a threat. All authentic spiritual traditions express the same universal teachings using different words, symbols and practices. Unity should not mean uniformity.
  • I hold that the most important purpose of spirituality is healing - the seeking of wholeness in body, mind and spirit. 

"You are a woman of profound wisdom and compassion Jackie, and I am so grateful to have had these two years of learning and growing together." Miranda Holden founder of the Interfaith Seminary

"Serving all, with an open mind and a loving heart."

     or ring  01483 898969.