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Much of our experience as human beings is as part of a group. In reality we are all one "group" but very often the experience of being in bodies gives us the painful illusion that we are all separate. If you are not sure this is true, join a group and watch with awareness what happens.
Whenever a group of people comes together for any specific purpose - discussing, learning, healing - there is inevitably a level of unconscious spiritual joining. A group setting is a powerful energetic field where our healing/learning can be accelerated and experienced at a very deep level.
Group dynamics bring up all that needs to be healed as we are often presented with our defences, projections, subconscious family dynamics as well as a reflection of our relationship with Life or Love.
Though each group has its own characteristics, the common experience is that the group becomes more than the sum of its parts. Everything, every single thing, that happens in a group relates to every other member, no matter how it may appear, or whether we are ready to own it.
When you are aware of this, workshops or group work can be painful but more importantly an enriching and transforming experience.
In Truth ~ One Spirit intends to hold workshops throughout the year using different venues countrywide. If any of the following workshops interest you, email or ring for further details.

  • Stepping beyond self image


  • Co-creation - living our dreams


  • Healing our relationships

  • Burnout - how to avoid it


  • Finding your spiritual path


  • Dancing for joy - finding the dance within


"If you know yourself as blessed, you will surely bless others. Therefore, blessed be." Neale Donald Walsch

"Serving all, with an open mind and a loving heart."

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