"O Lord, help me see the truth of myself, no matter how beautiful that is."



In Truth ~ One Spirit

Transformational Coaching

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"It is not the world that needs to change, we must. It is not the world that is too complex, we are. Politicians, priests and corporations do not hold back a humane, compassionate world, we do.

We are the politicians in our everyday negotiations and dishonesties as we buy friendship, marriage and family with compromise. We are the priests as we ritualize our lives and refuse to examine the concepts and images by which we live. We are the corporations because we pollute, we are wasteful, we are greedy, so that we will secure and profit in our lives at the expense of others.

Let us stop. We do not need to do it this way." Steve Harrison

Tough words, but don't be beaten up by them - be inspired. For at the heart of what Steve is saying is the premise that we are responsible, both for ourselves and our world. And if we are responsible we can do something about it. And that something starts with looking at ourselves, our amazing unique, beautiful selves. 

In Truth ~ One Spirit's transformational coaching helps organisations and individuals look at themselves and be more of what they want to be. It enhances what we are happy with and/or helps us change what we are not content with.

Some of the benefits of coaching.

  • It facilitates the exploration of needs and thought processes to assist in lasting change
  • It enhances morale, motivation and value as individuals feel connected to the changes
  • It maintains unconditional positive regard; it is at all times supportive, non-judgemental of views, lifestyles and aspirations.
  • It enables learning and development to occur and thus performance to improve
  • It encourages individuals to adapt to change in a manner consistent with their personal goals. 

What does the process involve?

We meet to discuss your needs and together we create a coaching agreement that focuses on:

  • The Goal - what you/the organisation wants to achieve - clarifying the vision of success
  • The Strategy - exploring actions and options
  • The Obstacles - overcoming blocks and interference
  • The Support - identifying the best support to realise the vision
  • The Review - evaluates the outcomes of the process

"Serving all, with an open mind and a loving heart."

Email;  jackie@intruthonespirit.co.uk
     or ring  01483 898969.