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Death is a natural part of life, which we will all surely have to face sooner or later. To my mind, there are two ways we can deal with it. We can either choose to ignore it or we can think clearly about it to try and minimise the suffering that it can bring. However, in neither of these ways can we actually overcome it. Dalai Lama

Death of a loved one.
When someone dies a source of deep anguish for those left to mourn is their conviction there is nothing they can do to help the loved one who has gone. It is a conviction that only aggravates the loneliness of their grief.
But it is not true. There are many ways we can help the dead, and/or ourselves, to survive their absence.
Honouring and celebrating the life of the loved one, is one way. Death is an individual's last rite of passage and is likely to be the one that has the greatest impact on friends and family. Creating a bespoke funeral or memorial service honours that passage, both for ourselves and the loved one, and is a process of healing for all involved.
Whatever your own or the departed ones beliefs, death is a time of great reflection, great emotion and sometimes great confusion.
Creating a ceremony that celebrates the life of the one who has died helps family and friends express their grief, reflect upon their relationships, and begin the process of coming to terms with the death.
Whether we believe in life after death or not, most of us want to say goodbye in a way that honours and respects the ones we love. In Truth ~ One Spirit will help you create a funeral or memorial ceremony that does that.

Support for the dying.
Great mental suffering arises from fear of dying, whether or not this fear is acknowleged. At the time of our greatest vulnerability we are often left without spiritual support . Many of us don't want religious dogma but we do want some insight to help us with the passage of our death.
Whatever their beliefs In Truth ~ One Spirit can offer spiritual support to someone who is dying, to help them face and understand what is happening to them.
Preparing your funeral service
Readying ourselves for our own death may be a lifetime's process, not a subject of morbid fascination, but a conscious exercise with both practical and spiritual implications.
As Henri Nouwen writes, " Maybe the death you fear is not simply the death at the end of your present life. Maybe the death at the end of your life won't be so fearful if you can die well now."
That is why so many spiritual teachings urge us to prepare for death now as part of life. Creating your funeral service  can help you do that and you don't have to do it alone; In Truth ~ One Spirit will help you. 

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