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Ceremonies are a powerful way of healing our separateness, connecting to our spirituality, or love, or the God of our understanding, celebrating the passages of life and joining in the "oneness" of a group.

In Truth ~ One Spirit specialises in creating ceremonies for the rituals of birth, marriage and death and for separation or divorce, new houses or projects, calling in new life, coming of age, in fact for any event you want to bless, release, sanctify or celebrate in some way.


"May you live in the heart

May you be free from suffering

May you be healed

May you be whole

May you be at peace and happy."   


Healing Practices

True healing is not focused on striving to fix symptoms or manipulate desired outcomes, but about folding back into our Source or deepest centre, in whose presence we find peace and the appropriate medicine for the soul.

All pain, whether physical, mental or emotional, is an invitation to listen, to be open to change, or receive or to step forward and give at a higher level. Thus real healing always centres around a shift in our consciousness.

If you would like to arrange a healing consultation or ceremony contact In Truth ~ One Spirit. 


"Serving all, with an open mind and a loving heart."

     or ring  01483 898969.